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symbolizes the promise of a new life the culture of tokyo's down. the room the stores will watch it in the u s presidents obama bras russia's southern ukraine is saying it's not letting anybody consisting mostly of violating international will pass. the use of military force. there's no need for that at the moment. putin says russia is ok to intervene in ukraine but he also added that moss was concerned by me and after visiting polity. how does the sun and the other to form the main thing to mention getting inked with misleading
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reports of a russian guy about. the wesley bb gun gives us every team but they're not so much stuff on the findings as to the eu when he was thought to be a few quests will bail out forcing them into the tombs of austerity and nine. yes it will cost me ninety eight in moscow you watching the interaction with me about one three. most hostile rhetoric into was russia's role in the ukrainian crisis is coming from washington present obama has again sent to moscow for as he claimed knock of ninety nine cents on hold. the us secretary of state echoed that sentiment by accusing russia of aggression. i just wana put the nail was uploading the speeches. the war of words against russia went
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into overdrive tuesday afternoon when us president rob obama and his secretary of state john kerry held separate press conferences in different countries at the same time both condemning lost power over its actions against ukraine now in washington as an obama urged russia to de escalate the situation in ukraine insisting that moscow's explanation for its military response to the crisis. does it reflect real advance on the ground. something seems to have a different set lawyers may get a set of interpretations but of. i don't think that's pulling anybody in the meantime in kyiv by secretary of state john kerry was talking deafening and write me rush out simultaneously during the fifteen minute news conference mr kerry use words like of grass or provocation and intimidation to describe but lost out when talking about ukraine's internal leaders he had nothing but praise by using words like high aspirations hope and democracy week and then
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the russian federation's act of aggression. the russian god. out of excuses. friday instead of udon. false oaths intimidation. and provocations. us officials i also did i announced that the us will involve one billion dollars in duty to ukraine. i am helping hide the country gets back to get back on its feet in the meantime that the interim government. i said recently that it will need thirty five billion dollars over the next two years to avoid the fact that some of that secretary carries harsh words against russia has an absurdly raised eyebrows and be so buy a cd by causing many to call them and i a hypocrite because specifically on sunday as secretary terry ryan said that i was lecturing russia saying you can just unbeaten other country on completely trumped up reasons for um
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pretax as many would say excuse me but the united states that in fact do that though with the war in iraq and is done it several times before. well these other countries which have been subject to america's bombings an intervention savor the day kids. critics have accused kerry of hypocrisy return to the victims all three us led invasions of a number of countries. thus this conference with david christie political expert from them the rouge in the evening to put rises like him on ninety international at mr christie said the state john kerry has also said just a couple of lousy canada washington does an organ of the country. you knew that any invading another country the you make of that statement. well i'll say that's what secretary of state kerry said on sunday is perhaps even more dangerous when he said. all options are on the table. now as concerning a a a confrontation between two or
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more nuclear powers. putting that all options on the table is an absolute. dangerous thing to say and could lead to a youth or more nuclear confrontation escalated out of control immediately. as far as what secretary of state kerry said this is parker's united states under the responsibility to protect doctrine. the so called humanitarian interventions of others within the obama administration concerning the likes of susan rice and samantha power. they have invaded nations have to be violating the sovereignty of these nations call for part of a larger geopolitical content which is to set up a confrontation between the aa you're asian nations particularly china and russia and ultimately india. and that this thing will go to world war. unless obama is removed from office. i've been through impeachment. or
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are or were forced to resignation. at this one again tt still on the zappa rhetoric that's been moving around between some of the was a baby news biggio bombing mr carey had been a question in publication came in and rush is not fleeting but a way to make are both kind of commons on the words that the news right now. while i would look at it as a kind of a top up with a wartime. provocation here too. onto to try to do which is directed. of course for a larger geopolitical interests. and it's all there but they're hiding behind the fact that they themselves have done the deed. regime change operations in other nations. take the case of libya where obama. an old do they removed the kakak about the regime. i've doing so without the consent of
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congress are in violation of the war powers act. he then it has threatened to do the same thing in syria where he did this administration is actually up backing be on the al qaeda networks in in syria in the same way that they backed. the i've not seen networks though the followers of stefan band era in ukraine. and this idea that i there now. you know going after russian administration when it was the obama crowd victorian newland. of the state department has. i mean yes because i want ye twenty oh one us to touch a little bit and this the statements came out to that a new present that his statement saying that russia is not going to go to wall with ukraine surprising to me a lot of people is the why are they being still being fed a house with their rhetoric even after the president of the state has said he's building tool. one less
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friend trina make the point of it to the obama administration. under the control of the london financial prowess and wall street. we're now in a collapse more they have there there are various prophets through the nato system. now all threatening and in russia with confrontation alternately directed towards china but this is geopolitical that's that's the only way that this can be described as it's part of the larger geopolitical script to force russia and china to back down and given to the demands of the collapsing financial powers of london and wall street which is they want to move ukraine. they want to lose roster they would like to china this is what the european union is doing to all nations within the european union system there is no sovereignty left in these nations within the european union and they're going for a neo colonial policy of re conquering the world to bring
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the world back to feudalism that's that's what the crowd that runs obama has died in the european union that stuff was there. their final eight teams ours to reduce world population and bring the world under a kind of a neo feudalism. did receive a political expert from the mission even giving us his quick feet on the classes is going on to indian creek thinking. not going to war with ukraine the reassurances from presentation comes on the heels of may hawaii's and even tiny tunnels. allison politicians and media. mr putin said that there is no need to use russian mission falls. i just wana costello has more on the statement. no intention of more impatient or take over the whole world was waiting to hear with black in their suits and hats to say at this hour. it appears russian military forces are crossing the border into neighboring ukraine. it was the blood stain on russia's military drills which turned their
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speculations of an increase in insulin all camping out at sea. the only day and their supporters in the day. he has for the use of milk before so there's no need for that at the moment. and the note read will's the two way street and we have nothing to do with the situation in ukraine. we have this often but it's an extreme measure neo nationalists and ukraine were empowered after victory and call mexico meets their demands. many of these neo nationalists are criminals and former prisoners who are now looking to push their own agendas. far right activists like peter morrissey took the only guy out of prison this january and is also a suspect in the terrace. and there's alexander and his exco has made a number of anti semitic statements intimidated the priorities with weapons and who is also facing prison time. and this is something no one in the country can afford to
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ignore. if you lived in ukraine is in chaos right now and it's not the first time our western partners are missing with this country sometimes i get the feeling that across the ocean in america their assigned to sitting in a lab experiment with people as if the word guinea pigs. while the western world is preoccupied with making roads look like the bad guy extremism is on the rise in ukraine. and perhaps the focus right now since it to those swap the strings in the country and whether or not you listened to and one passes say in the future during the cost of our hearts. despite russia and on to play any additional chips in play me in many major media outlets us on in the llama is not a full length mirrors intervention that would have lines that might mean that thousands of russian sheets of flooding into the tree meaning peace to all saying russia has taken and to the region some have even created an exact figure of sixty thousand ministry personnel invading
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the country. how this can be frightening. except as a very important nuance that the chiefs have been mia for a long time. it's on a part of the russian black sea fleet. i have a man down for more than two hundred day as the ukraine and russia have a deal under which twenty five thousand russian troops and the bbb in crimea country just to the hof. all that kinda odd people in ukraine also allows why should the use of airspace and want to is that as well as a back up files and various initially insulation in kiev to benefit tremendously from the dreaming until twenty fourteen to rochelle whoopi ukraine almost a hundred million dollars in grants the use of the base and couple that he is gets a hefty discounts when he comes to russian gas but it looks like. outclassed by a credit to scratch the surface of the story. my colleague wayne and i she discussed one of the more one the examples
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with that intent of this expat market stability. this picture comes from cnn's report and ear cleaning daddy's a russian tanks there in ukraine despite official denials of this report. how can you come in on this one again. well of course these things that we see there are knots. in some basketball in the ukraine where they actually are taking place is in russian military exercises the inside of russia thousands and thousands of miles away from where that this cnn report claims that they have this type of thing is not unusual we've seen it across the media and the last few years that it began with regards to russia but the fact that it is cnn isn't particularly love and to start. the contradiction which we know the facts on the coromandel essay media headlines and kj journal as using a very limited and specific range of sauces. as politicians scientists maintain is that this last he
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explains. most of the correspondence of the western media are based in kiev and moscow and that they had on their information on the sole source of information are ukrainian media which of course are engaged in a kind of information war. this is the first point in the second of course any kind of sensational information that i can information about the russian troops a hag coming to a total and terrifying we are going for a ukrainian territory. quite a tricky for the floor. no school or the media the story the media itself is a kind of and commercial use and get to be. and then to attract more and more pay attention thus the model and rescue train is on the verge of defaulting on its debts to come of this the country sell cocaine authorities to review today to pretends to give a dying from the instant someone actually find they say they won't carry out all the fonts
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team added it's at its national interests. it is very unpopular as the unlikely to see social programs and government spending cuts. magical thinking that forty percent increase on to as terrorists for households. ukraine needs to get fifteen billion dollars in it but it needs quite as much by the end of the cn to keep the economy down wit all the country's foreign debt stands at fourteen billion dollar us had to get was an expat in enabled financial markets as its ordinary ukrainians who will suffer if kiev me see i am estimates. the imf have a very sound are kind of prescription template and that means that the government house today he has been a very fiscally selling fast and fiscally selling author does not mean terribly sympathetic towards the outrage everyday pensioners are citizens of ukraine and that's exactly the situation we happier ukrainians are used to receiving the gas from russia and in the government giving
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them an absolutely enormous subsidy on call doc will have to go under the imf funds they're gonna hafta bring in austerity and is certainly not going to appeal to ordinary people who are going to see the real standard of living tops that's why miss the article that walked away from it some years ago. well this year have risen to calm the backbone of the months long uprising seemed to be worlds apart from the economic options like a new train. i just can elevate states the overthrew the elected government no the people with kids independence square the message for those who would lead the country. to gather together all these oligarchs of which are still in money that's in foreign accounts into ukraine. not just their money but sold their houses their cars their jewelry and put it in the national bank. nicholas he is the third richest man in ukraine with a fortune
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estimated at a cool two point four billion dollars to get out into the store he went around to billion. but other members of the poem in its appointed authorities in kiev accompli poverty stricken the police nor going by the prophecy portfolios. this is the kyiv hole with interim prime minister. our senior continue. it's one of the more modest dwellings belonging to members of the interim government itself ukraine's new leadership with far more opulent lifestyles. when you try to walk was a postal is only one hundred square feet or apartments. however if the no of the residents could recall ever having seen him ukrainian journalists discovers he was actually living in a mansion surrounded by high walls. and as the country gears up for elections. businesses says that the potential presidential candidates to come under the microscope although prime minister yulia tymoshenko is the proud
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owner of a series of black cherry homes including one in the exclusive village of silk that day which boasts a private beach. the moorings for y'all. locate the bush and his multimillion dollar country trial has more than a little of the white house about six. many of those on independence square. too many presidential hopefuls being too close to too much of the country's cash. the flaw too long the film with those i want to see professional oligarchs running the country they've all been a round of power for a long time. i want to see new faces each a real specialist. despite the calls for an end to the reign of the oligarchs from protest is it seems the whole of ladies vying for power in kiev comes straight out to ukraine's financial elites control of an aunty kiev. will have on the situation in ukraine or something. sob. i am. if any
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of these academic. when and how long i forgot that we all sang night at the traffic light thingy the house. guru what kennedy. your teens
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today are more research i did the eye. the mii different arrangements together with the weapons have become the latest ukrainian forced to sway the beaches to premium business card on high alert with thousands of civilians flocking to help especially ministry secure the borders with russia reports on what it is the crimean sunset afraid. my knee and he's on the defensive. many decent honest republicans southern ukraine. appealing to many stately and make corrections here's what's happened yet its quiet way of life. if you want peace prepare for war. the crying meander on to
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roads connecting the peninsula to the mainland here and here this is one of them. says rising political sake of the content into a small undesirable forces from the north. the fear that ukrainian fascists the country's own to nationalists writes that the group helped topple president in the. now many crimean so worried that such meticulous want to come and open pandora's box. what you will. we want peace in our country who don't know what was happening to you don't want to be with more cocktail or shot or killed me. if this is the one to coexist peacefully. we are ready but apparently they don't seem unreasonable and teams stand shoulder to shoulder with professional officers including members of the special police unit which was disbanded by the end their mission is to lead an anti terror operation. it includes a witch doctor trial hearing explosives for the mining industry. at least
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this is what the papers were saying. when we can be sure what it would be used for and where it would go if we didn't send it back. it will close on seeing trademark told her hands and then fold in almost every single new trick on taking the spot to the world for the non six centuries. now the hero again he was declared blog a blog where it is the aggression of everyone to post here can be crammed into its release into its use in any event have consciously swore an oath to crimea. on sunday the chief of ukraine's naval forces appointed just a day earlier by the end to government in kiev. his allegiance to the crimean people. while in central ukraine. members of one special forces apparently means to carry out orders from kiev to attack crimean self defense units. but if they refuse because we are one country and one nation who do these new rulers think they are all for now they're preparing for war
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with the td don't want while hunting for peace in pd the soup from crimea ukraine the korean economy now has the last minute chaos the lighted display easel fourteen ten for more than fifteen o three a croft made a hundred thousand assault weapons along with thirty different system. after cooking combine different health issues that have safe on friday with ukrainian authorities and more keep coming. alana fleeing like now the us government may require thing companies to spy on americans that they don't want to do much with addison. full story of the telco giant that left undefined one entity been talking to spy agency has the moxie job. also what is their mysterious ailment which courses polio like premises of me and children fled california medics on high alert. the cases reported that the dossier inhofe more details
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the takeaway. the room and bar is still some have suggested that children of islamic extremists should be taken into k by social services told what the risk of them becoming radicalized the word for coming in his column in the daily telegraph off to the sentencing of the team can somebody just told to me repeat that triggered a wave of anti muslim rhetoric the costs of cheesecake. this gives some perspective on a visit from traditional politician and heads of the spot and meek said joseph gallo is happy with that thought why bother to a statement from the demands in may and shorty evil for that alienates them was in creating. well it's made the muslim community a furious. in fact the killers of the rig they were brought up as christians know as muslims. which just goes to show that no one can guarantee of the our children will end up. and of course giving this date the power to
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decide to kidnap someone's children. because the political abuse of socks that their children my loan from god is deeply repugnant in any democratic country music kind of thing the nazis themselves would have done. and this is not the clown of a swivel eyed union jack wearing boots that being fascists. this is not the bnp speaking this is not just them they are all blogger. but the monday and widely tipped as britain's next prime minister or obese next to the doc called beacon seventh of march that it was so full of them coming back into parliament. behind me. i am to take over the leadership from david cameron. with views like these you can see that this statement that he made the newspaper column in one of britain's most right wing news that was previously saved set the cat amongst the pigeons. the circle
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the government of immigration is the muslim community then be made a scapegoat for the politicians fail yet in that regard. it's a multidimensional a doctor today that the conservatives on the right are involved they are keeping fee of one of the art amongst the so called indigenous community we are about immigration. in fact most all of the immigration is coming from white people in the european union and more british people are working in european union countries and eu countries' populations of living and working in britain but when they talk about immigration. they know that the will look around for black or brown faces. and almost set tomatoes faces belong to people who are not immigrants. a tall gaunt who have been bought me a kind of absolutely the same right to
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the cause of deaths and all the color. no it's this level for the jaw joints and has lived off. the truth is that if these killers of the rebate had gone to syria instead of southbound of the british government would update the fat would of been for the night it's because of course the british government is encouraging fantastic islamic extremists as long as they are bothering people in syria rather than names of london and the fact that young muslims have been radicalized and that was far more to do with britain and america invading doctor fighting. one muslim country after another jolt slaughtering them and the hundreds of thousands thus was radicalized muslims in britain still a job. jill is actually did write the thank you so much for that past and it's that i'll still go on a white to london's may have to said british politician and grace
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of our cheese scrutiny shed ninety. aye. moving the essence. poor. isaac's
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computer eggers and three new longest ongoing series on a seventeen ninety. you are watching and eight. knew. chu
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new wing will will will eye i guess. don't be under the nineteen unreachable to thanks to joe is coming up suitably is high in ukraine's kindly intention of starting the twenty fifth of may st shores is not an option right now. a key witness is grilled on a date to be asked of his story his trial in south africa. you should show adjust to your car and i shook off the shore that up to that rule
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